As being Arma Polimer Reçine company, we offer products of high-performance Cellophane adhesives, which are suitable for manual and automatic machine applications in the cellophane sector, and which work smoothly in all regional and climatic conditions, and are preferred by the leading companies of the sector.

We produce our water-based emulsion products, which are suitable for paper lamination, box sealing, book binding and bobbin applications, with prescriptions that comply with the FDA and REACH legal regulations regarding the environment and human health.

The most important production criteria in paper-packaging industry applications are that the adhesion performance and application speed of the adhesive to be used should be high. As being Arma Polimer Reçine company, we conduct R&D studies by taking these criteria into consideration in the products we design and we offer effective and appropriate solutions that are appropriate for requests of our customers.


  • High Adhesion Strength
  • Adjustable Application Speed
  • High performance in cylinder and nozzle applications
  • High performance in different types of machines
  • Strong and flexible film property