By acting with the principle of "Quality product requires quality raw materials.", we highly pay attention to design our products in way that they operate in optimum conditions during their use.

We provide high performance, highly-resistant against moisture and heat, unfilled products to our customers for wood, frame, solid of wood sector applications and for wooden lamination and laminate flooring applications.

We provide for our customers with solutions with products with single and double components in the production of membrane press adhesives by considering the regional climate conditions.

As being Arma Polimer Reçine company, we offer high quality products, with high water resistance, such as D2 (Unfilled) and D3 and super D3 adhesives, which are in accordance with TS standards, for the wood industry.


  • Compliance with standards
  • Products that do not affect the environment and human health
  • Formation of a solid and flexible film
  • Compliance with the climatic conditions
  • High application speed
  • Convenience in nozzle applications