Our journey, which started in 1982 at our facilities in Tuzla Kimyacılar Organized Industrial Zone, has been continuing with 38 years of experience in the market and application areas in the chemical industry. Today, we are offering solutions to our customers with our production and service points which are spread all over the world.

Manufacture of polymer emulsions started in 1982, and since the day we started, we have adopted, as a principle, the power of R&D and customer-demand focused working.

We are in the capable of producing polymer emulsions with an annual manufacture capacity of 70,000 tons at our facility in Istanbul Tuzla Kimyacılar Organized Industrial Zone. We are a unique trademark that is known and trusted by more than 550 customers in more than 26 countries through our brands,  which we produce with the state of art technologies.

Considering the requirements of the sectors of printing, packaging, wood, textile and construction chemicals, we carry out production of polymer emulsions in customer-oriented manner.

Arma Polimer Reçine offers its customers effective solutions for various applications in different business units:

As being Arma Polimer Reçine company, we have always been striving to add value to our customers through customer cooperation and closeness, our commitment to innovation and technology and our environmental consciousness.

What we have achieved so far is an indicator of successes we will achieve in the future.